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 “Everything you see is an apparition of the unseen. 
The forms are impermanent, yet the essence is changeless. 
Every sight will return to the unseen. 
Every utterance will end in the original silence. 
Do not cling to the mirages; the source they come from is eternal,
expanding, spreading, bearing endless lives and endless joy…” – Rumi

According to Rumi and Islamic Sufism there is something hidden in every human being’s heart called “secret” . Rumi explained it as “There is a secret in our heart . Everything created depends on that secret . Even Layer by layer sky revolves because of this secret “ This secret is not given to every person. It Can only be reached by lengthy efforts and kind deeds. This secret is what the great Turkish mystical poet Yunus Emre pointed out when he said. “There is a self in me, within myself”. Indian philosophy and mysticism call this secret Sublime Self, Real Self or Atma . What is meant by the expression “KNOW THYSELF”,  written at the entrance of the Delphi Temple in Classical Greek civilization, is  to know this secret hidden in the heart of person, not to know  person’s own psychology .

Throughout history, many civilizations, many religions, many spiritual teachings and philosophies, the spiritual essence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic Sufism, have always made efforts to make this “ unknown “ belonging to inside to be “ known” . What we are trying to understand and to open up is a secret. There are ones who have reached this secret but they are tongue-tied, because they happened to know what is unknown but there are no words to describe it since what is unknown is not known. Perhaps because of that Mevlana choose poetry, dancing and music to describe what is indescribable.

According to RUMI, the evolution of human beings has not yet been completed, because human beings were created to be mature, perfect and complete. To be a perfect human being does not mean to become a person who is good, ethical, philanthropic and full of love., Even to imagine that we can possess these qualities means deceiving ourselves as long as the ego exists, because the ego cannot see beyond it’s own selfish and urgent interests. To be the Perfect human being  needs to abandon all known positive and negative feelings, beliefs, actions and habits, briefly, to reject being a human and to accept an unrecognized and unknown consciousness, formation, existence and essence which is different from the ego. This mutation starts with shining of the “secret” hidden in the heart namely shining of the divine fire and light. This is a complete transformation in the mind, in the brain cells and in the atoms of the body. Obstacles are unblocked , vision become sharper, This is a transformation into a being whose body becomes lighter and transparent, who can see and know everything , who can exist everywhere.

God created from Himself all the creatures from the single-celled to the most complex, but He only blew from His own soul to humans. The breath blown into the reed flute expresses this fact . The inside of the reed flute is empty. It only makes a sound with the breath blown into it, while
one end of the reed flute is open, the other end is in the mouth of the musician, and if he were the perfect human being, then the sound heard from the open end would be the sound of God. Humans are also an instrument, like this reed flute, whenever a human confronts a perfect human being such as real sheik, then he will become a real human and will be emptied by being free from ego. He becomes God's voice, God's mirror, and ascends and reunites with his God, and completes his evolution.

The Whirling Dance ceremony expresses  the story of almighty spirit called  “Light of Muhammad”  in Islamic Sufism whose descent starts with the command “be!” following the creation and later the ascent towards becoming a perfect human being.